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Rhino Rack SX Kit Fit Guide For All


In this giant table you can find the parts that will fit to your existing vehicles roof rails and install an incredible rack system and start adding all of the options that Rhino Rack has to offer. The Vortex Aero bars include the VGS rubber strip which has been designed to reduce wind drag and noise as well as providing added protection for your roof racks and load.

Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
Article #
VA Crossbar - Black
SX Leg Kit
Article #
VA Crossbar - Silver
SX Leg Kit
MDX 4dr (with factory rails) 01 - 06 JA2261 VA126B SX001 JA2455 VA126S SX001  
MDX 4dr (with factory rails) 07 - 13 JA2261 VA126B SX001 JA2455 VA126S SX001 For use with black roof rails only.
MDX 4dr (with factory rails) 09 - 13 SILVER ROOF RAILS ONLY JA2262 VA126B SX001 JA2456 VA126S SX005 For use with silver roof rails only.
RDX 4dr Wagon (Factory Rails) 07 - 15 JA2261 VA126B SX001 JA2455 VA126S SX001  
TSX 4dr Sport Wagon (Factory Rails) 12-14 JA1935 VA118B SX001 JA2077 VA118S SX005  
100 Series 5dr Wagon (Factory Rails) 91 - 94 JA1932 VA118B SX001 JA2074 VA118S SX001  
80 Series 5dr Wagon (Factory Rails) 91 - 96 JA1777 VA106B SX001 JA1798 VA106S SX001  
A3 '06 -'13 (**FLUSH RAILS**) JA1748 VA126B SX028 JA1749 VA126S SX028  
A4 Avan