Mirage Blackout Package

Mirage is now offering a brand new, bold color scheme package for Xtreme Snows and Sports. The Blackout adds a distinctive look to your trailer that is certain to turn heads. Mirage starts by offering you a screwless, VHB exterior in your choice of 13 colors. Then they black powder coat the front stoneguard, interior and exterior ATP trim, the .080 extruded aluminum roof, and front and rear wraps. If you order a package that includes interior cabinets and the 30k BTU ducted furnace, the ATP is powder coated black on those as well. Finally, they add custom "Stygian" graphics to complete the look. You're also welcome to choose the "Stygian Reaper" graphics for an additional fee. All told, the package creates a stylish look that looks awesome behind your tow vehicle.

What's Included:

  • Black ATP Stoneguard
  • Black Interior 6" ATP Trim
  • Black Exterior 6" ATP Trim
  • Black ATP Cabinets (when ordered)
  • Black ATP Furnace (when ordered)
  • Black ATP Heat Ducting (when ordered)
  • Black Front Wraps
  • Black Rear Wraps
  • VHB Exterior Skin (choose any color)
  • Custom Stygian Blackout Graphics (Stygian Reaper available at extra charge)
  • Black .080 Roof Wraps
  • Black Poly-bead Laminate Flooring