About is managed by Champion Trailers, Inc. that does business as Trailers Unlimited located in Bend, Oregon. We have been selling and servicing trailers and tow vehicles for over 10 years and have an extensive inventory of parts in stock. Our web site is and will always be under constant development. It is linked to and updated in real time with our accounting system allowing us to maintain real-time inventory and ensure a superior level of customer service. Certain items, such as hitches, may not be managed as real-time inventory items and may be drop shipped directly from one or more of our suppliers. 

We understand that service and security are the key concerns of all internet shoppers and that is why we have chosen to utilize an e-commerce provider that provides a hosted solution where engineers are on staff to monitor and support our site 24/7. Personal information is used to fulfill orders only and will never be shared or sold.

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Our Mailing and Physical Address is:

Trailers Unlimited
1223 NE 1st St. 
Bend, OR 97701

Oregon Dealer Number: DA2951


541-636-9922 Internet Sales: and

541-318-8171 Trailers Unlimited Store, Bend, Oregon


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